Spanish verb filter /for Android/

Spanish verb filter is a free mobile application for Android which enables you to filter Spanish verbs by various criteria. Do you want to list only verbs ending with -ir? Do you want to show only auxiliary verbs? Wanna see irregular verbs which have the same change in one of their form? No problem. The app does it all!



list of verbs verb search verb filter conjugations


Because this application is not available on Android Market, you need to install it manually:

  1. Go to Settings > Applications in the menu of your device and turn on the unknown sources option.
  2. Download the .apk file here: Spanish verb app, tap it and continue the installation process.

Credits & contact

The app was developed by Petr Stříbný and it is available for you free of charge. The app is based on the list of the most common Spanish verbs by linguasorb and a book El Verbo en español by Eduardo Basterrechea and Luz Rello.