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A simple poll application in Alpine.js

I recently created a tiny poll application Just a poll in the spirit of Janeček voting method (more about it here) and I wanted to share my experience from using Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS together.

I have already written about my first impressions from using Tailwind CSS. This project confirmed what I expressed already: Tailwind CSS is definitely a good choice for small web sites with custom design like landing pages or small apps like this one. It is great for rapid design prototyping where we want to have a custom design, but at the same time the design is not created by a graphic designer beforehand.

For the JavaScript part of the application I was originally considering Vue.js, as I know it already. Then I came across a library called Alpine.js and it made me reconsider my choice. Why?

Now that the project is done I can say that Alpine.js delivered and using it was a joy.

Since I don’t have any build step/minification on the site, you can have a look at the code on every page for the implementation details (just open the page source in the browser):

If you want to give me a comment on the application itself, you can do so on the IH discussion.

Last updated on 16.10.2020.

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