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Why I chose MailerLite instead of MailChimp

I was recently building a product launch page for Contact Cache and I wanted to allow people to sign up for product announcements and news.

I’ve never collected email addresses or mass-emailed people before. And because I am not heavily involved in marketing, I didn’t know much about the state of email marketing platforms today. MailChimp is a product that many people used and promoted in the past and it somehow stuck in my head. So I went and created an account right away.

I wanted to create a very simple form with an input for email address, a checkbox that has to be checked in order to submit the form, a submit button and I wanted to use my own texts. And I couldn’t do it. I struggled and googled for about an hour trying to customize the form to my liking. There was always something missing: GDPR-enabled forms were not customizable enough, adding a required checkbox with custom text to a normal form was impossible, additional text could be inserted only at the beginning of the form etc.

In the end I googled alternatives and after a brief selection I tried MailerLite. I created my form in 10 minutes. It was straightforward.

I cannot believe that MailChimp doesn’t have a better user experience for the simplest cases given how long it is in the industry. This story shows that having a good user experience is a big competitive advantage and that even having a good brand doesn’t save you if you don’t have it.

Last updated on 25.10.2018.