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Rockets: Python-based launch page

It has been 2 years already since I first played with Python and Flask and ended up creating Rockets. At the time, I was learning the basics and wanted to create something useful.

Rockets is a very simple, one file Flask application that shows a sign up form for collecting email addresses. It uses only one other dependency apart from Flask itself, package named validate_email to validate provided email addresses.

I think that Rockets can be used as an introductory study material for:

  • displaying pages using templates and handling forms in Flask
  • using SQLite with Python using standard sqlite3 module
  • writing tests using standard unittest module

And of course, it can be extended or put in production in the current form.

Today, I updated the original old Flask version and switched the project to use Pipenv instead of requirements.txt file. Feel free to give it a spin!

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