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Introducing Contact Cache

It has been more than a year since I wanted to have some sort of “personal relationship manager”. In other words I needed a tool to write down notes about people since I am always forgetful. And since at that time I didn’t find anything satisfactory, I decided to build an app for myself that would allow me to do exactly that.

During the development I realized that I am not building only a note-taking application, but also a personal contact manager, because it makes sense to have all of the data together.

At the same time, I was thinking whether some of my friends or other people would use an app like that. I realized that I don’t want people to worry about anyone looking at their data or stealing them since they can be very sensitive. That’s why I made the decision to use client-side encryption for all of the stored data so that the server can never read it.

I named the application Contact Cache. It aims to be a secure contact and personal relationship manager in one app that will help you to remember important information and stay in touch.


Check it out on Contact Cache landing page! Sign up for the newsletter if you want to be notified about private beta testing and public releases. If you are not into emails, you can also follow @ContactCache on twitter.

The application is not ready yet to be showcased but I am interested in getting some early feedback on the idea. You can leave me your feedback here. I will be very happy if you do!

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Last updated on 16.10.2018.